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The LG G4 is a new smartphone from the company, which promises some very interesting specifications for its inbuilt camera. It has a 16 million pixel sensor, which is joined by an f/1.8 fixed length lens. A “colour spectrum sensor” has been included for analysing the available light in a scene - LG says that this means the G4 is capable of reproducing very accurate colours. From a photography standpoint, the fact that the camera can shoot in raw format and offers manual control, is of course very appealing. Other photographic specific functionality includes super quick autofocus speeds and optical image stabilisation. You can insert a Micro SD card in the back of the phone, particularly useful if you plan on shooting in the more space intensive raw format.

LG G4 | FoneZone.Biz

The LG G4 features a large, flat, design, and as such it can be a little awkward to use in certain scenarios. It’s difficult, for instance, for your thumb to reach the top corner of the screen when holding it one handed. The fact that LG has included optical image stabilisation is useful for a phone like this as it’s difficult to hold it perfectly steady.

Despite the lens being positioned in the middle of the back of the phone, it’s still possible to obscure it with your finger when holding it in landscape position. It’s something you get used to after a while, learning where to naturally position your hand for best effect.